evidence earth catastrophe caused by other planets

Evidence of Earth catastrophes caused by other planets orbits?

evidence earth catastrophe caused by other planetsEarth catastrophes caused by other planets has been a theme of the Electric Universe theory. The ancients mentioned the thunderbolts of the gods and other amazing events including planets such as Venus becoming the comet Venus.

A recent report has from the University of Vienna, using computer modelling, has suggest that even small changes in other planets orbits could have catastrophic impact on the Earths orbit, even ejecting planets out of the Solar System!

Earth’s orbit is so nearly circular that its distance from the sun only varies between 147 and 152 million kilometres, or around 2 per cent about the average. Moving Saturn’s orbit just 10 percent closer in would disrupt that by creating a resonance – essentially a periodic tug – that would stretch out the Earth’s orbit by tens of millions of kilometres. That would result in the Earth spending part of each year outside the habitable zone, the ring around the sun where temperatures are right for liquid water.

Away from such simulations, the circularity of every planet’s orbit does fluctuate over time. If the orbit is already highly elongated, such fluctuations would allow a planet to escape the sun’s gravity. A 20-degree tilt of Saturn’s orbit could eventually boot Mars out, while Earth would require a 30-degree tilt.
Saturn’s calming nature keeps Earth friendly to life (newscientist)

Evidence for EU theory based ideas?

earth jupiter orbits change evidence theoryEarth catastrophe or the Earth changing orbit due to other planets has been the basis of a number of Eu theory based ideas. This also includes other planets being effected such as Mars.

Is this ‘evidence’ that things like this are possible? We think that in a Newtonian Clockwork Universe it is impossible but more and more evidence seems to suggest that it could happen even in a Gravity Universe, let alone an Electric Universe.

Immanuel Velikovsky suggested it in his work including Worlds in Collision.

Some of the EU theory leaders have come up with the Saturn Polar Configuration theory where the planets were in a different alignment.

Gary Gilligan’s God King Scenario is all about our local planets moving backwards and forwards to the Earth and each other, causing catastrophe not just on the earth but for those Pharaohs ruling in their name and image.