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Does mining trigger electromagnetic earthquakes?

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Can mining for coal and other materials and minerals trigger or cause earthquakes?

Could the changes in the earths layers of their electromagnetic properties and physical properties release massive natural electric energy including telluric currents (Earth currents)?

Would this help to explain the puzzle of large intraplate tremors (large earthquakes in the central areas of tectonic plates where there should be no earthquakes) and if these tremors occur on fault lines?

Mining triggering electric earthquakes?

coal mining triggering causing earthquakes electromagneticMining could mean changes to the earths physical structure, the loss of conductivity or minerals, and air being introduced?

Especially when removing layers of material like coal seams or metal ore or precious metals and gemstones?

During the past 200 years, the region around Newcastle has experienced five times more earthquakes of magnitude 5.0 or more than the rest of NSW combined, says Dr Christian Klose, formerly of Columbia University in New York and now senior research scientist at Think Geo Hazards, based in that city. “And we know that over the last 200 years, we have mostly deep-core coal mining around Newcastle,” he says.

… In Australia, it’s known that there’s an increase in seismic activity as dams fill.
Earthquakes in Australia

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The magnitude-5.6 quake that struck Newcastle in New South Wales on December 28, 1989, killed 13 people, injured 160, and caused 3.5 billion U.S. dollars worth of damage.

… “For each ton of coal produced, 4.3 times more water was extracted,” Klose said. Other mining operations, he added, sometimes require as much as 150 tons of water to be removed for each ton of coal produced.
Coal Mining Causing Earthquakes, Study Says

If earthquakes are electrical in nature then would mining be the origin of some earthquakes?