Diamond formation events witnessed by Aboriginals? Geology evidence?

Argyle diamonds formation source barramundi Rainbow Serpent

Is there geological evidence that Australian Aboriginal clans witnessed the instant formation of diamonds in two different areas separated by 100 miles?

Both locations that were geological surprisingly to have diamonds. The famous Argyle diamond mine and the Kununurra area with its still mysterious local diamond source.

Local Aborigine Miriuwung (Miriwoong) and Gidja Dreaming Time mythology suggests they watched a a large phenomena (plasma?) known as Daiwul come out of the surface at the Barramundi Gap area, where the Argyle diamond mine is now located.

The verbal Australian Aboriginal legend stated that a giant Barramundi (fish) had jumped out of the ground at Argyle. The magnetic anomaly site at distant Kununurra was where, the Aboriginals insisted, it dived back into the Earth! Both sites were rich in diamonds around their deep “diamond pipes”! Was the Barramundi legend nonsense or had these people witnessed, perhaps, a giant Plasmoid causing transmutation of elements and the creation of Diamonds on a grand scale?
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diamonds Australian Kimberley Aboriginal dreamtime mythology

Another general Aboriginal Dreamtime story describes how Australia was flat until the Rainbow Serpent came out of the ground and created the hill, mountains and river gorges as the snake moved along the surface.

Miriuwung women used to catch the barramundi fish in Smoke Creek, which ran through the gap, using nets made of spinifex grass. But one day the barra jumped over the nets and escaped through the gap — right down there where the Argyle Diamond Mine now has the open pit. As the barra jumped they shed some scales on the rocks. Those scales became the diamonds of all colors that are found here today.
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Was it the same barramundi plasmoid that leapt into the surface in the Kununurra area, north of Argyle? Perhaps carrying on to create diamonds in the North Kimberley Province?

According to the Gidja people, barramundi are not found in the area today because of the presence of the Ngarranggarni barramundi in this place.
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You can watch for free the 20 minute video by Peter Mungo Jupp on this subject called Diamonds aren’t forever?

The leaping diamond barramundi

Argyle AK1 lamproite diamond Pipe
The Argyle diamond pipe

Is there any geological physical evidence of the great Argyle barramundi leaping out of the ground?

The Argyle lamproite pipe is more vertical than horizontal and goes up or down at a 30 degree angle. The pipe is around 2 kilometres long, steep sided and its width varies between 150 to 500 meters.

The Argyle AK1 Pipe is described as being tadpole shaped. The narrower tail of the pipe at the south end comes up to the surface and then forms a larger wider but shallower head at its north end.

Diamonds in Argyle Pipe Kimberley Western Australia

The Argyle Kimberlite No. 1 goes upwards in a northerly direction towards Kununurra (or downwards from the south direction).

The barramundi got away and jumped right over the ranges north of the mine, but it lost some of its scales there and they became the diamonds. She also jumped over the hill located directly behind.
Bow River.Daiwul Barramundi Dreaming | Japingka

Diamond Surface Zones

The Argyle diamond pipe is the one of the most productive diamond mining areas in the world and a source of mostly coloured diamonds. These include the very rare pink diamonds which are nearly exclusive to the Argyle mine. Diamonds are locally known as Rain Stones.

diamonds Aborigine creation Argyle Kununurra

The Argyle diamonds found on or just below the surface are of a special type. Argyle has eclogitic diamonds which are diamonds with organic material inclusions.

eclogitic diamonds contain organic carbon from organic detritus that has been pushed down from the surface of the Earth’s crust through subduction before transforming into diamond.
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In an Electric Universe do organ eclogitic inclusion in diamonds provide evidence that diamonds are found where they are formed and created out of the host rock? Not in diamond stability zones deep in the Earth’s mantle.

The Argyle diamond bearing pipe is what geology calls a lamproite pipe or a lamproite volcanic pipe. All other diamond pipe mines around the world were located on kimberlite pipes.

Diamonds investigations

Diamonds may well be an Electric Universe girls best friend and one way to show that perhaps uniformitarianism geology has basic errors. There are already a few site articles on the various mysteries and puzzles of diamonds.

Further questions and investigations into this possible confirmation of Electric Universe geology through Australian Aboriginal folklore will be made. Questions such as did this ‘river of plasma’ event actually create the rainbow diamonds or were they there before? What different EU processes could create diamonds?

Or are diamond pipes created by downward spiralling Birkeland currents as suggest by Louis Hissink, a former diamond geologist as suggested in Peter Mungo Jupps video, which you can watch for free.