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Diamonds created by plasmoids? (Free video)

Did Australian Aboriginals watch a plasmoid create the diamonds at the Argyle diamond mine and then witness it again at Kununurra?

plasmoids diamondsLouis Hissink, a former ‘Diamond’ geologist with DeBeers, after personally seeing the physical evidence combined with hearing the specific Aboriginal mythology, is convinced that the Aboriginal’s ancestors witnessed the Electric Universe plasma events that created diamonds and relatively recently not millions of years ago.

The verbal Australian Aboriginal legend stated that a giant Barramundi (fish) had jumped out of the ground at Argyle located in the East Kimberley region, Western Australia. A magnetic anomaly site at distant Kununurra was where, the Aboriginals insisted, it dived back into the Earth! Both sites were rich in diamonds around their deep ‘diamond pipes’! The Argyle Diamond Mine is the largest volume producer of diamonds in the world.
Journey to the centre of the Earth: Diamonds aren’t forever? | Mungo Flix

Is the Aboriginal mythology presented in the video evidence that diamonds are formed instantly in the Earths surface and not deep in the Earth in those mysterious diamond stability zones?

Free video of Electric Universe geology

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Nanodiamonds and Carolina Bays

plasmoids Carolina Bays nanodiamonds

Are nano diamonds a marker for plasmoids creating the very mysterious Carolina Bays in the USA?

Did the electromagnetic forces that perhaps created the Carolina Bays also create or evolve plants to become Venus Flytraps?

Watch a free EU theory video by Peter Mungo Jupp as he investigates these subjects in his great Electric Universe geology video Diamonds aren’t forever?