The sound of the Gravy train

OMG! Results, indicate, best dark stuff detection technology in the Solar System. THAT’S OMG!

The world’s most sensitive dark matter detector demonstrates record low radioactivity levels.

Results from its first run indicate that XENON1T is the most sensitive dark matter detector on Earth. The sensitivity of the detector – an underground sentinel awaiting a collision that would confirm a hypothesis – stems from both its size and its ‘silence.’
A silent search for dark matter | Science Daily


SCIENCE! The opening sentences are what peoples taxes have paid for. THAT’S WHAT YOU FUND SCIENCE FOR!

‘We are seeing very good quality data from this detector, which tells us that it is running perfectly,’

RESULTS! detecting, quality data, perfectly. GREAT JOB! And its going to detect? THAT’S RESULTS!

Dark matter is theorized as one of the basic constituents of the universe, five times more abundant than ordinary matter. But because it cannot be seen and seldom interacts with ordinary matter, its existence has never been confirmed.

theorized, constituent, 5 times more, cannot existence never

Several astronomical measurements have corroborated the existence of dark matter, leading to a worldwide effort to directly observe dark matter particle interactions with ordinary matter. Up to the present, the interactions have proven so feeble that they have escaped direct detection, forcing scientists to build ever-more-sensitive detectors.

Several, so feeble, escaped direct detection, forcing scientists, multiple budgets for detecting, wages, careers.

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The sound of the Gravity Train

Another nothing but success! Proves we are on the right tracks, riding the Gravy train.

Since 2006, the XENON Collaboration has operated three successively more sensitive liquid xenon detectors in the Gran Sasso Underground Laboratory (LNGS) in Italy, and XENON1T is its most powerful venture to date and the largest detector of its type ever built.

It is now not possible to stop funding this project. After all what is considered a failure? It taxes the brain and the pocket.

A Dark Matter of Potential Difference?

While the results did not detect dark matter particles – known as ‘weakly interacting massive particles’ or ‘WIMPs’ – the combination of record low radioactivity levels with the size of the detector implies an excellent discovery potential in the years to come.

results did not, implies an excellent discovery potential, years to come.

Scientific Method of Dark Detection
Ask a Question:
Do Background Research:
Construct a Hypothesis:
Test Your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment:
Analyze Your Data and Draw a Conclusion:

‘A new phase in the race to detect dark matter with ultralow background massive detectors on Earth has just began with XENON1T,’ said Elena Aprile, a professor at Columbia University and project spokesperson. ‘We are proud to be at the forefront of the race with this amazing detector, the first of its kind.’

We do now have shared civil pride in the worlds best, easily the solar systems, perhaps the universes, you never know. detector of dark things. HUMANS! Granted, maybe not the most mobile but that’s a technicality. THAT’S HUMANS! FIRST OF ITS DETECTING KIND.