dead planets electromagnetically alive

Dead planets

dead planets electromagnetically alivePlanets may be considered dead but that is to do with lifeforms and geological activity.

Are all planets, moons, asteroids, objects, electromagnetically active and part of the Electric Universe system?

They are all some form of component in the electromagnetic circuit?

Lifeless planets and geology inactive planets might be a more appropriate titles for some space bodies. But at what defining scale and time frame?

Although we have not observed most planets long enough to actually confirm if they are geologically inactive – but never a dead planet.

A dead or living system?

Do you consider a natural electromagnetic circuit, with all its feedback systems and parts, a living thing?

Or does it have to be over a certain size, number of parts or show a certain ‘thing’ that means it is a living system?

Gordon and Pluto are Alive!

dead alive planets pluto interaction with solar system
Even Pluto, the unlikeliest planet in a gravity universe to be active with the rest of the solar system or alive, has been found to be interacting with the solar system and show signs of having been alive with some form of activity in the recent past or happening now.

And what about planets and moons orbital resonance as part of their living system?