carbon dating techniques wrong evidence debunked

Dating techniques wrong: evidence?

carbon dating techniques wrong evidence debunkedDo plasma events/discharges effect the structure of material objects so that standard dating techniques are put in doubt?

One suggestion of the Electric Universe theory is that there have been energetic electromagnetic events that have happened in, on and to our planet – from massive electrical discharges that have caused EDM craters and other geology features to the Axis Mundi (Squatter Man) in our skies.

Carbon dating and other dating procedures seem to be based on a standard rate of exposure in an uneventful and clockwork universe – yet the history of our Earth and the solar system seems to show anything but that.

The Russian Chelyabinsk meteorite that exploded over a large part of the country on February 15, 2013 has been analysed. It’s material and minerals are found to have many different ages to them, according to dating techniques.

The original crystallization age of the parent body asteroid, says Righter, might be 4.5 billion years old. But in this case, he says, they found multiple ages using three or four different chronologic detection techniques.

Righter says he and colleagues found evidence for about a dozen different parent-body impact events in pieces of the Chelyabinsk meteorite they studied; ranging from 300 million years ago to as recently as 27 million years ago.

“Geologically, that’s very young,” said Righter. “Ages determined on ordinary chondrites can be as old as over 4 billion years old. But there’s hardly ever any evidence for these young ages.”
NASA Surprised By Chelyabinsk Russian Meteor Fragments