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Dark Matter and Dark Stuff now dead?

dark matter energy voyager plasmaDark Matter and related Dark Stuff theoretically exists because when scientists did their measurements their calculated mass of the visible universe was out by something 75% to 85%.

What they could see made up only 15% to 25% of the Universes mass. So Dark Stuff was the theory to compensate and make the equations work.

“99.9 percent of the Universe is made up of plasma,” says Dr. Dennis Gallagher, a plasma physicist at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. “Very little material in space is made of rock like the Earth.”
Plasma, Plasma, Everywhere (NASA)

But now the Voyager spacecraft has been travelling at the edge of our Solar System and scientists are saying that the plasma there is 40% thicker than predicted or expected. And the plasma is getting thicker.

When researchers first measured the pitch of oscillations caused by a mass ejection in 2013, the math suggested Voyager 1 was traveling through plasma 40 times denser than the plasma of the heliosphere — the region of space dominated by the sun, the solar system. More than a year later, and the plasma is even denser.

“The density of the plasma is higher the farther Voyager goes,” Stone said. “Is that because the interstellar medium is denser as Voyager moves away from the heliosphere, or is it from the shock wave itself? We don’t know yet.”
Voyager is still riding shock wave in interstellar space

The death of Dark Stuff?

voyager plasma thicker surpriseThe effects on Voyager, the reasons for the measurements, and especially their interpretation of the plasma could be wrong, its all new to everyone.

But if you go with the idea that the space plasma is 40% thicker and getting thicker and that space plasma might be thicker throughout the universe then would that reduce or get rid of the need for Dark Matter and Dark Stuff?

Or a massive change in the calculations and models and perhaps theories that came up with all the theoretically exotic Dark Stuff? There are a lot of stars in the Universe and if they all have thicker plasma around the edges of their plasmasphere?

Even if the surprising Voyager plasma findings are due to our suns electromagnetic environment interacting with the rest of the Electric Universe and space plasma is not that thick but a normal standard thickness, the findings are still a massive surprise to mainstream science and a good theory should predict.

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