Vera Rubin birth of dark matter theory

The birth of dark matter

Vera Rubin birth of dark matter theoryVera Rubin’s observations led to the birth of dark matter theory and all dark stuff including dark flow.

She observed that gravity calculations on stars on the rims of galaxies did not work correctly in a Big Bang Gravity Universe.

In 1974, Rubin discovered that the stars at the edges of galaxies moved faster than expected.

Gravity calculations using only visible matter in galaxies showed that the outer stars should have been moving more slowly.

To reconcile her observations with the law of gravity, scientists proposed there was matter we cannot see and called it dark matter.

Dark matter is an unidentified type of matter comprising approximately 27% of the mass and energy in the observable universe.
Vera Rubin, pioneering astronomer, dies at 88 | BBC

As the observable and measurable (empirical?) nature did not work according to humans Big Bang theory and Gravity theory, then nature had to be wrong or hiding something.

Could an all pervasive field be responsible? Something like the aether that Albert Einstein simple removed and ignored in his famous works? That the Higgs Boson thing is said to be the answer?

Could electromagnetic forces or field be one of the alternative explanations for what has led to the science, theory, careers, funding, pensions and prizes that is dark stuff?