Cup and ring petroglyphs or Saturns rings?

cup ring marks petroglyphs rock art circles saturns rings
Cup and ring petroglyphs or a Saturn with super size rings or Earth closer to Saturn?

Are concentric circle petroglyphs (cup and ring mark petroglyphs) an ancient rock art representation of Saturns rings?

Either Saturn when the Earth was closer to it or if Saturns rings were much larger than they are today?

Electric Universe mythology (plasma mythology) suggests that our solar system was in a much different formation than what we have now.

saturn rings cup petroglyphs
Cup and ring mark rock art (petroglyphs) or Saturns rings?

The various different EU theories on the solar systems cosmonogy suggest that the Earth was closer and further away from different planets. The gas giant Saturn is especially mentioned.

What would it have looked like to ancient people living on Earth if they were closer to Saturn or if Saturns rings were much larger than they are today?

Would they have represented it in petroglyphs as the 'cup and ring marks'? Or are the cup and ring marks another form of plasma discharge or event in an Electric Universe?

circles petroglyphs rings marks cups saturn mythology
'Worlds in Collision' or 'God King Scenario' image of Saturn approaching planet Earth

Do petroglyphs with concentric circles represent a much nearer or more active Saturn?

Or are they images of a completely different event, a plasma discharge such as the Squatter Man, tree of life, Axis Mundi etc?

j1407b rings petroglyphs saturns super plasma mythology
Saturns rings or a different plasma discharge in our skies?