fossils dating crocodilian

A croc of shit?

Is science dating by things such as geology strata, carbon dating and all the other types of dating processes a croc of shit?

Dating: a croco shit?

The oldest crocodilian eggs known to science have been discovered in the cliffs of western Portugal. They are so well preserved that they give an insight into the “mother croc” that laid them 152 million years ago
… They are remarkably similar to the eggs of modern crocodiles, suggesting crocodile eggs have changed little in shape in the last 150 million years.
Oldest croc eggs discovered in dinosaur nest | BBC

fossils dating crocodilian
These crocodilian animals and their eggs were alive much more recently?

Crocodiles and dinosaurs were alive perhaps not hundreds of millions of years ago, perhaps not even millions of years ago?

Why crocodiles and other life forms are similar design to ancient relatives? They have not evolved or changed that much as they are not ancient?

If life adapts to changes in the environment, how have similar things not changed in millions or hundreds of millions of years apart from mostly in size?

The formation of formations?

The fluvio-deltaic paleoenvironment of the Lourinhã formation created the conditions for the existence of a highly diversified ecosystem, with remarkable faunal similarities with the coeval Morrison Formation, seemingly indicating a close yet complex paleobiogeographical relationship. A case in point is the dinosaur fauna. Therefore, both areas would be a favorable breeding ground for a variety of organisms, such as turtles, dinosaurs, and crocodylomorphs. Despite this, the fossil egg record is comparatively scarcer in Morrison than in the Lourinhã formation.
Two new ootaxa from the late Jurassic: The oldest record of crocodylomorph eggs, from the Lourinhã Formation, Portugal

The material turned into rock at the same time as they have the same biology?

Perhaps the elements of the air itself transmuted into different types of material?

Also, around the world, water transformed instantly into calcium, limestone, chalk?

It seems or has to be very old as it is now rock combined with the conversion into fossilisation taking a very long time, not a nearly instant event?