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Pluto’s pits or EDM crater chains?

electric crater chains pluto evidence asteroids geology plasma dischargeCrater chains are suggested to be formed by the break up and impact of asteroids.

Electric Universe theory (EU theory) suggests that the multiple craters and the crater alignment are the likely result of electromagnetic discharges perhaps like EDM (Electric Discharge Machining or spark machining, spark eroding).

Could the mysterious Carolina Bays with their strange orientation of the craters, the Australian lunettes around Murray River and Lake Mungo and perhaps some of the strange Norfolk meres also be a result of Electric Geology and related to crater chains?

Other puzzling pits and what could be very small craters have a similar size and shape – the Martian skylights, Moon skylights and other geology features. These are up to a couple of hundred meters wide, sort of oval shape and up to 60 meters deep. Could these Pluto Pits not be crater chains but pit chains?

Electric crater chains on Pluto

electric universe theory geology eu idea theories plasma
Pluto has found to have strange craters that are called pits. But are Pluto’s pits crater chains and evidence for electrical crater chains in an Electric Universe?

Notice how some of puzzling lines of pits on Pluto can turn into what look like crater chains?

They theorize that the pits and troughs – typically hundreds of meters across and tens of meters deep – are possibly formed by sublimation or evaporation of these ices. However, the reasons for the striking shapes and alignments of these features are a mystery. Adding to the intrigue is that even at this resolution, no impact craters are seen, testifying to the extreme geologic youth of Sputnik Planum.

“Pluto is weird, in a good way,” said Hal Weaver, New Horizons project scientist with Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland. “The pits, and the way they’re aligned,
Pluto’s Puzzling Patterns and Pits

Or will they be found to actually be pits and formed by ice melting processes or something similar in a geomorphology and Gravity Universe way?