orbital resonance council of giants galaxies

The Council of Giants

orbital resonance council of giants galaxiesThe Council of Giants are a man made definition of a space phenomena in our part of the universe, yet the the Council of Giants has an interesting feature.

The Council of Giants are the brightest largest galaxies surrounding our Local Sheet of galaxies (basically local galaxies found in the elliptic plane of our part of the Milky Way).

There are 14 Council of Giants galaxies in this defined area.

12 are the standard spiral galaxies.

council of giants galaxies2 of the giant galaxies are elliptic galaxies, without any spiral arms. They also happen to be found at the opposite ends of the Council of Giants.

Are these 2 Council of Giants galaxies in orbital resonance? Are they at opposite ends as they are part of a plasma/electromagnetic circuit?

Or is it just a fluke created by mans definition of what it considers important (brightest local galaxies)?