Flicker fusion threshold rate frequency human consciousness

Consciousness flicker fusion frequency

microtubules human consciousness microtubules human consciousness topological qubitsAlex Fournier investigates the Electric Resonance in Microtubules and its potential meanings for humans in an Electric Universe including possible electromagnetic consciousness.

The video is only 5 minutes long but like Fournier’s previous video in his Electricity of Life series (Thunderbolts Project free youtube video channel), it contains multiple ideas, explanations and technical science.
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You need to watch the video as it can not all be summarised but the main things highlighted in this review are that microtubules may be a way of encoding and transporting electromagnetic energy/information and that microtubules may be a way humans experience consciousness.

Microtubules and human consciousness

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our experience of consciousness – our qualia of what it feels like to be aware – is directly related in some way to the large-scale orchestration of quantom superposition in microtubules.

Each moment of this surely occurs at timescales far faster than we are conscious of, but builds into a state of feeling conscious as we examine the world around us
Alex Fournier – Electric Resonance in Microtubules

Human consciousness flicker fusion frequency?

Flicker fusion frequency (flicker fusion threshold) is where an image that is flickering on/off goes from being a pulsating image to appearing to our brain to be a constant image. An example of FFF is a television, cinema screen or how a zoetrope works where you spin round the drum and view the now flowing and moving image.
Flicker fusion threshold rate frequency human consciousness
Once a flickering image goes above the flicker fusion rate of around 75 Hertz the image coming through our eye and processed by our brain will look like a fixed picture or flowing movement.

Could you somehow effect the human consciousness flicker fusion frequency?

Could you reduce human microtubule consciousness below the consciousness flicker fusion threshold? Through something physical like electromagnetic forces, elctrochemicals, meditation etc?

What does happen in moments of danger or sports when things that should only last a second appear to be experienced for a much longer period and you have time to observe every single action, thought, moment of the event?

Electric Resonance in Microtubules video discussion

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Alex Fournier’s video has produced a good amount of discussion on youtube and it may be worth taking the time to scroll down through some of the comments. Below are a few comments triggered by the video.

The image to the side is a combination of a microtubule diagram from the video and a plasma phenomena that struck me as being similar. It may obviously be nothing to do with each other but with the scalability of plasma being a mantra of the Electric Universe theory then anything that is similar in structure is worth reviewing.

My research has shown that our memories are stored, like binary codes, in standing waves in the diffuse bioplasmic field that surrounds the human body – these microtubules appear to be the antennae that send and receive the information stored in these waves.
(Comment by Eileen Day McKusick)

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I have always thought of our cells as vast holders of information and the brain as the processor. It’s not hard to imagine how all the information is stored and exists as ones and zeros in cells (we are actually a sort of electrical unites that would not work without it) in our entire body and all this information needs a central processing unit (I believe many organs have their own local processing unites also).
(Comment by Fast Er)

If consciousness was mediated by microtubules, then wouldn’t all animals have consciousness? This video triggers my BS detector.
(Comment by Marc Moïni)

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The microtubes could have been made on the surface of the Earth in the hot bathes being struck by lightning or plasma. The Universe is consciousness, condensed it resembles the synapse of the brain. The brain is the antenna, the microtubes set the frequency. You said when water leaves the microtubes, they stop working. When you die the water leaves the microtubes, which lose their magnetic field and the stored memories (in your aura, maybe De Broglie waves) discharge from around you, like an inductor discharging? The final show! Supernovae, quasars, galaxies, half of the Big Bang picture (what happen to equal and opposite reactions?) and some electrons probability pattern on the z-axis. Hourglass shape with a ring around its center. Scalable Universe!
(Comment by Nonconcensusical)