Comet conflagrations

cometsComets were feared as things and portents of horror, doom and catastrophe in our ancient skies.

The Electric Universe theory suggests that it is the comets electromagnetic nature interacting with planet Earth’s magnetosphere (or any other comet/asteroid with any other planet or moon) that may cause these catastrophic events possibly also including plagues and famines.


The electrical potential difference of a comet (active asteroid) from its charge during its journey when coming into electrical contact with another objects different charge?

And if tiny sungrazing comets can trigger massive CME’s (electrically charged plasma discharges or explosions of the Sun) then they could be able to effect and create electromagnetic events on planet Earth?

And what would happen if it was a wandering planet that electrically interacted with Earth or another planet? Such as a Worlds in Collision event or a God King Planet?

Comet Siding Springs a Mars magnetic chaos

The flyby of Comet C/2013 A1, also known as Comet Siding Spring, on planet Mars in October 2014 gave scientists a rare opportunity to see the havoc that the passing comet can cause on the magnetic environment, or magnetosphere, around the Red Planet.
A magnetometer located about 100 miles above the planet’s surface showed that the flyby threw Mars’s magnetic field into chaos and the effect was profound albeit temporary.
Comet Siding Spring Flyby Wreaked Havoc On Mars Magnetic Field | Tech Times

When comet Siding Spring passed Mars, the two bodies came within about 140,000 kilometers (roughly 87,000 miles) of each other. The comet’s coma washed over the planet for several hours, with the dense inner coma reaching, or nearly reaching, the surface. Mars was flooded with an invisible tide of charged particles from the coma, and the powerful magnetic field around the comet temporarily merged with – and overwhelmed – the planet’s own weak one.
“The main action took place during the comet’s closest approach,” said Espley, “but the planet’s magnetosphere began to feel some effects as soon as it entered the outer edge of the comet’s coma.”

At first, the changes were subtle. As Mars’ magnetosphere, which is normally draped neatly over the planet, started to react to the comet’s approach, some regions began to realign to point in different directions. With the comet’s advance, these effects built in intensity, almost making the planet’s magnetic field flap like a curtain in the wind. By the time of closest approach – when the plasma from the comet was densest – Mars’ magnetic field was in complete chaos. Even hours after the comet’s departure, some disruption continued to be measured.
Close comet flyby threw Mars’ magnetic field into chaos |

Electric Universe and Immanuel Velikovsky suggest cometary conflagrations

Is comet C/2013 A1 (comet Siding Spring) evidence for the Electric Universe theory proposal of Comet Biela as the origin and source of the famous Great Chicago Fire?

Immanuel Velikovsky (Worlds in Collision book) originally suggested that comets have been a harbinger of catastrophe. The EU theory has developed his theories and evidence of the electrical nature of comets seems to suggest that they could trigger events and changes in a planets environment.


Evidence for other asteroid, meteorite, comet conflaguration events and in our planets history? Including the Tunguska Event of 1908 where Earth’s atmosphere seems to have been electromagnetically active before the explosion/discharge?

Combined with other explosive asteroid or active asteroid (comets) evidence like the Shoemaker-Levy 9 explosion near Jupiter and the Deep Impact mission into comet Tempel 1.

Plague comets and fire comets

Do electric comets interacting with the electromagnetic nature of our planet including life and our environment, create natural effects and phenomena?

Short wrote “The plague began in Cathay (China) from an igneous vapour, or sulphurous fire, breaking forth from the Earth or falling from heaven, which utterly consumed men, beasts, houses, stones and trees to the very ground; and stretched forward rolling along on smoking balls of stinking, pestilential fire for seven hundred miles of the continent for fifteen days!. It so infected the air of these places that millions of insects and small creatures died and stank. The plague rolled on and killed a victim within three days! Buboes and boils appeared quickly within the groin, armpits and stomach”.


Curiously, the timing of this event may be related to Maori legend of the fires of Tamatea. This was around the time the Maoris settled New Zealand. On the South Island is evidence of giant fires and Mega Tsunamis that burnt the forests and wiped out the now extinct giant Moa bird. Carbon dating of these burnt remains primarily cluster around the mid fourteenth century. An interesting coincidence! According to Bryant, Maori legends talk of fire from the heavens and the extinct giant Moa bird as one who was destroyed by a strange fire. Here there appears to be evidence for an airburst that flattened trees in a manner similar to the Tunguska event. The remains of fallen trees are aligned radially away from the point of explosion out to a distance of 20 to 40 miles. Bryant maintains local Maori legends in the area tell about the falling of the skies, raging winds, and mysterious and massive firestorms from space. Tapanui, itself, translates as “the big explosion.”


The Plague Fires of Tamatea – As if in verification, but on a far less certain time scale, Australian mythology concurs! “The local sand hills along the South Australian coast were raised by Marnpi and Tatta, two of their ancestors. A great fire, coming from the ocean, spread far and wide on the sea-coast, and seemed likely to envelop the whole country in its flames
The Plague Fires of Tamatea | Ancient Destructions

With our new knowledge of bacteria and viruses being carried by vectors far above the Earth this theory of deployment has been questioned. Our pertinent scrutiny asks not only what caused this exterminating plague, with its incredible and unmatched virulence, but whether some parallel catastrophic events had a similar foundational driver? In other words does the Electric Universe connect many of mankind’s epic cataclysmic dramas to an overriding, sometimes curiously chaotic force?
The Justinian Plague of 562 A.D. an Electromagnetic Drama? | Thunderbolts TPOD

Peter ‘Mungo’ Jupp also has a couple of videos on The Fires of Tamatea, War and the Great Cosmic Plagues.