asteroid itokawa comet rocky surface

Comets and asteroids are similar: rocks and craters evidence

asteroid itokawa comet rocky surface
Asteroid Itokawa’s rocky surface
asteroid itokawa comet boulders surface
Asteroid Itokawa crater and boulders

Is there evidence that comets and asteroids are similar, if not the same family of solar system objects?

comet hartley 2 rock surface
Comet Hartley 2 rock surface

There seems to be growing visual evidence in that comets and asteroids have regolith (layer of material on the surface), some look physically similar (peanut or rubber duck shaped) and they both have rocks and craters.

Both comet 67P and comet Hartley 2 have similarities to asteroid Itokawa and asteroid Eros.

Mainstream science predict that comets are dirty snowballs or ice mountains, due their theories. The Electric Universe theory (EU theory) has constantly predicted that comets and asteroids are the same thing only on different orbits.

If comets are similar to asteroids and comets are not dirty snowballs or ice mountains then the Philae landers drill and MUPUS should discover surprising material in the rocky or regolith surface.

Comet Hartley 2. Or asteroid?

comet hartley 2 rock asteroid
Comet Hartley 2 or is it a rocky asteroid?

Comet Hartley 2 is a rocky looking comet. The surprising thing is that scientists still thought that comet 67P would be still be a dirty snowball. A good theory predicts …

Previous images of asteroids and the NEAR Shoemaker mission to the asteroid Eros have shown them look like they are composed of rock and not ice.

Asteroid or Comet 67P

comets regolith rocks 67p
Comet 67P regolith and rock
asteroid comet 67p boulders-surface
Asteroid or Comet 67P boulders and cliffs?

Comet 67P surface appears to be rocky and have a layer of regolith. The Philae lander appears to have luckily come to rest wedged up against a (rocky) cliff, after it failed to land the first time, perhaps bouncing of some rocky stuff? Comets are dirty snowballs or ice mountains. One of the landing sites was inside one of Comet 67P’s craters.

comet 67p rocky surface
Comet 67P rocky cliffs
asteroids comets regolith layer 67p
Comet 67P boulders
comet 67p asteroid craters surface
Comet 67p craters
asteroid craters surface comet 67p
Crater on asteroid or dirty snowball? Comet 67P
asteroid eros boulders surface rocks
Comet or Asteroid? Asteroid Eros rocks on the surface

Comet or Asteroid Eros?

Does Asteroid Eros look like a comet or do comets look like Asteroid Eros?

Comet Lovejoy proof?

If comets are dirty snowballs or ice mountains and not rocky asteroids then how did the sungrazer Comet Lovejoy go through the suns hot atmosphere and survive?