The lie of the land

tectonic plates continental drift evidence missionThe COMET mission should provide unparalleled detailed observation of planet Earth’s surface and any millimetre changes to its height and location.

The UK’s COMET (Centre for the Observation and Modelling of Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tectonics) is obviously searching for physical precursor signs of natural disasters involving plate tectonics and our globes continental and oceanic crusts.

British researchers are now routinely mapping a great swathe of Earth’s surface, looking for the subtle warping that ultimately leads to quakes.

The team is processing satellite images to show how rocks in a belt that stretches from Europe’s Alps to China are slowly accumulating strain.

Movements on the scale of just millimetres per year are being sought.
Sentinels map Earth’s slow surface warping

The lay of the land

tectonic plates movement moving evidence proof
What surprises could and will there be for standard science and geology?

Will the COMET mission prove or disprove tectonic plate theory?

Over the next 1-2 years, the resulting ground velocity maps should meet the desired accuracy of 1 mm/yr/100 km to measure strain-rates (10 nanostrain/yr) at a comparable level to current existing sparse regional GPS measurement networks.
G23A-1037: LiCSAR: Tools for automated generation of Sentinel-1 frame interferograms

plate tectonics oceanic continental drift theory

What could the data confirm or destroy for current Electric Universe theories?

Have the UK’s Natural Environment Research Council providing funding for a scientific mission to gather enough evidence for proof if the Expanding Earth theory is correct or wrong?

Will Europe’s Sentinel-1 radar satellites debunk the Growing Earth theory and also the Flat Earth theory?