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Comet Pluto?

comet pluto cometary active asteroidIs Pluto the was 9th planet in our solar system now demoted to dwarf planet Pluto now going to be relegated even further to the class of comet Pluto?

It may not have official planetary status, but the dwarf planet does have an atmosphere. In fact, it’s the only dwarf planet with a known atmosphere. What’s more, it has just been announced that its atmosphere reaches nearly one quarter of the way to Pluto’s largest moon Charon and swept back — like a cometary tail — by the weak pressure of the solar wind.
Pluto’s Atmosphere: Big, Poisonous and Comet-like

Comet like Pluto?

Pluto appears to have the characteristics of an electric comet with its atmosphere streaming away from the Suns plasma (electrically charged gas) called the solar wind.

Also, its atmosphere size and composition is changing as it journeys closer and further from the Sun. Similar to an electromagnetic comet.

“The change in brightness over the last decade is startling,” Greaves said. “We think the atmosphere may have grown in size, or the carbon monoxide abundance may have been boosted.”

Dynamic changes in the Plutonian atmosphere have been detected before, but the changes occurred at low altitudes in methane abundances near the surface. These changes in methane are thought to be linked with Pluto’s 1989 closest approach to the sun in its orbit.

… But more exciting than seeing changes in the Plutonian atmosphere is its possible shape.
Pluto’s Atmosphere: Big, Poisonous and Comet-like

Active asteroid Pluto

active asteroid pluto cometWill it have an icy surface or will Pluto have a rocky surface with little or no ice like other comets?

Especially when the Electric Universe theory (EU theory) considers comets to be active asteroids, the only difference between them is their orbit and activity.

Will the large asteroid Pluto turn out to be an active asteroid?

What will NASA’s New Horizons mission find, as it is unknowingly looking for Electric Universe evidence?

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