comet 67p cliffs water erosion

Comet 67P – water erosion on cliff face?

comet 67p cliffsThe latest comet 67P images from the Rosetta Mission are the closest and most detailed yet.

Do they show the evidence of water erosion on a cliff face? If this was on Earth would it look similar to wave cut lines?

Or do they show evidence of geology processes on the dirty iceball?

What could cause these horizontal lines in the rocky cliff face? Will the answer be wind erosion – the sublimated particles moving along the cliff face? Similar to the flowing water erosion evidence on asteroid Vesta?

Comet 67P cliff erosion – geomorphology

comet 67p cliffs water erosionGeomorphology is the interpretation of geology on space bodies according to the factors and evidence of what we see on planet Earth.

The problem with geomorphology is that it appears virtually all the asteroids, comets (active asteroids), moons and planets have very similar features. On Earth supposedly caused by water, wind and other active geology features.

What geology caused the comet 67P features or is it just how it formed and it happens to look very similar to Earth geological features?

Could it be some form of EDM (Electric Discharge Machining)?