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ESA: some of Comet 67P is rocky stuff?

comet 67p rocky surfaceDid one of the scientists at the ESA (European Space Agency) say that comet 67P may have rocky bits? Or at least high strength areas that happen to look like rocky stuff?

“The rebound of the lander is an indication of a higher strength material, and that was a surprise to us. … So we have seen a variety of surfaces, a snow field of soft stuff, and this rocky field of rock stuff, which could be a [stronger material], and we also see this shiny stuff,” which he says could also be a stronger material.
ESA news conference 13/11/2014

comet 67p dust dirt surfaceHe also mentioned that the rocky looking objects looks to be covered in a loose material, or, through sublimation the rocky looking type material is poking its way through that layer as it is lost.

Comet 67P is still a dirty snowball?

But due to current theories that predicted nothing successful about what we would find around and on this comet or any other we have encountered, the comets calculated density has to still be less than half that of ice water.

With all the visual observations you still can not say that the ice mountain or dirty snowball that is comet 67P/C-G is not anything other than an icy object.

Earlier today Dr Bibira was asked about the surface of the comet and whether Esa can tell what sort of material makes up the area where Philae landed and now perches precariously.
The reporter asks whether the surface is low density fluffy stuff, as Esa sugested earlier. Bibira reminds him that we don’t know much at all about the comet yet:
“[The area near Philae] has some resonance in our head that it’s a cliff, but we don’t think it’s that sort of cliff because the material is very low density anywhere. The density is less than 0.5 … So the idea of having a very porous material at the top came from that [and from] from the very first images [of the comet] … We’re not saying that that’s not still the case, that might still be the case. We have not demonstrated that we don’t have a crust, we have not demonstrated that we have a crust.
“Are you satisfied? I’m very happy if you’re not satisfied.”
ESA news conference 13/11/2014

Even if the rock is a very low density type of rock it would still have to be explained why and how there is a rocky material on a dirty snowball? Especially when some of them are massive.

philae lander locationJonathan Amos of the BBC, reporting on the landing and also seeing the images including the one to the side said in his article …

It has already sent back the first images ever taken from the crumbling, fractured terrain of a comet.

Philae got to the icy 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko on the back of Esa’s Rosetta satellite …
Rosetta: concerns for comet lander after uneven landing