comet 67p non magnetic not magnetized

Comet 67P magnetic fields due to plasma?

comet 67p non magnetic not magnetizedComet 67p nucleus or material is suggested to not be magnetic by ESA results (includes assumed figures).

But they suggest that comet 67P’s magnetic field is due to the Suns plasma, which is electrically charged gas (solar wind).

This is a big blow to some planet, galaxy and comet formation theories that relied on magnetic fields. Especially as those pesky icy dirtballs are meant to be made of pristine material left over from the formation of the universe or galaxies or whatever after the Big Bang.

ROMAP measured a magnetic field during these sequences, but found that its strength did not depend on the height or location of Philae above the surface. This is not consistent with the nucleus itself being responsible for that field.

“If the surface was magnetised, we would have expected to see a clear increase in the magnetic field readings as we got closer and closer to the surface,” explains Hans-Ulrich. “But this was not the case at any of the locations we visited, so we conclude that Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is a remarkably non-magnetic object.”

Instead, the magnetic field that was measured was consistent with an external one, namely the influence of the solar wind interplanetary magnetic field near the comet nucleus.
Rosetta and Philae find comet not magnetised