ac dc electric universe coastal potential difference night swimming

Night Swimming

ac dc electric universe coastal potential differenceDuring the day on the coast there is normally a breeze.

If you are British during the summer it is termed bracing, which means rather cold and invigorating.

A lot of times after a breezy day the coastal wind can rapidly calm down during the evening.

If the Sun was out it would be perfect for a bit of swimming. In fact it is what can make night swimming in the sea so reinvigorating.

Late at night you can often get a very peaceful stillness. With hardly a ripple on the smooth surface of the tidally flowing river, the stench of salty seaweed, the crackling bubbles of the clayey mud. Or the sea waves having calmed down to a gentle lapping on the sandy beach.

Coastal Night Swimming

Why does it become less windy during the evening? Why do you get almost no wind?

Has the local weather equalised? Has the local electric weather system’s potential difference been reduced?

Or is it part of a much larger circuit, so the coastal area has fulfilled its duty for that phase and awaits the next part of the Earths global electric weather circuit to use it.

Has the sea or land or atmosphere between them balanced or has it charged or discharged?

Is it a reduced potential difference above, below or between the different areas of sea, land and atmosphere?

Or is it just the natural development of sea breezes?

Life Night Swimming

Does it happen at night because the Suns energy or the day has moved on?

Could the serenity come at night to help the sea life that comes out after dark?

Are the winds and the tides part of a DC or or AC or AC/DC circuit? Are individual circuits or components different flows of currents? Does an electromagnetic nature not need to know or specify if things have to be Direct Current or Alternating Current?