Chronology revision sites

List of chronology revision sites. These chronology revisionism websites that are listed below are the few ones that were inspired or related or investigate Immanuel Velikovsky, comparative mythology or the plasma mythology of the Electric Universe theory.

You will be able to find other history dates revision sites but they are not relevant to this list. But if you do know of any others that should be listed below then please comment below or contact the site.

Why is Chronology revision important? Read this SIS article The Revision of Ancient History – A Perspective on our histories need for chronology revisionism. Also this site has a brief introduction on the relevance and importance of this topic in the article Is chronology revisionism now outdated? And there is a list of blog posts here.

What has Chronology revision of our history got to do with the EU theory? If it is an Electric Universe and the ancient mythology around the world is correct then the dating of our history needs to be revised.

Chronology revision sites list

The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies – SIS investigate all forms of Immanuel Velikovsky’s works and books, Velikovsky and others comparative mythology ideas and especially everyone’s chronology revision theories.

This also includes other authors and SIS members theories on chronology revision and New Chronology compared to Standard Chronology.

The Society have workshops where members meet up and investigate and discuss latest findings, theories or other peoples research. They also publish a very interesting magazine that comes with membership. SIS also host a twice yearly conference/meeting for a day, usually in London.

ISIS (Institute for the Study of Interdisciplinary Sciences) and Journal of the Ancient Chronology Forum (JACF) – David Rohl’s ISIS organization not running any more but website and its important New Chronology revisionism information is still available.

David Rohl’s blog

Centuries of Darkness – Peter James site/book on the revised dating of history and chronology

Ages In Alignment – Emmet Sweeney’s site

Scientia Press – Ken Dillon articles on chronology, Velikovsky related history subjects and a variety of other topics

Caeno FoumdationHenry Zemel – different subject matter – awkward site to navigate at the moment

Immanuel Velikovsky information
The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies – main active site that also host members meetings
The Velikovsky Archive
The Velikovsky Encyclopedia
The Velikovskian Journal
Velikovsky’s Historical Sources – new site that intends to show his sources