Chronology & Catastrophism Review

Chronology and Catastrophism Review 2016:3

Chronology & Catastrophism ReviewThe latest Chronology & Catastrophism Review (2016:3) magazine from SIS (Society for Interdisciplinary Studies) is another great edition for those with an interest in chronological revisionism, catastrophe, Velikovsky and the Electric Universe theory.

The Society is not an EU theory organisation but there is obviously some crossover through Immanuel Velikovsky’s ideas that have helped inspire the Electromagnetic Universe.

Review of Chronology, Catastrophism and EU

For those interested in the EU or Plasma Cosmology then Bob Johnson’s ideas on explaining how the solar wind may be accelerated is worth the low annual membership fee alone. It is rumoured that Robert Johnson may be a guest speaker at The Society’s 2017 Spring Meeting held in London.

Then you also have Rens van der Sluijs second part investigating, challenging and perhaps modifying Anthony Peratt’s plasma Z-Pinch instabilities petroglyph ideas, one of the bases of Thunderbolts plasma mythology.

Then you also have all the other stuff in the printed magazine or PDF! And of course, last but not least, the entertainment of the ‘discussions’ in the letters …

Chronology & Catastrophism Review

  • Articles
    In Memorium: Dwardu Cardona
  • Acceleration of the Solar Wind: a new model for the generation of the necessary suprathermal electrons in the solar Transition region, by Robert J Johnson
  • A Geomagnetic Approach to Traditions of Axes Mundi, Part II, by Marinus van der Sluijs
  • The Writings of the Historians of the Roman and Early Medieval Periods and their Relevance to the Chronology if the First Millennium AD, Part IIIa, by Trevor Palmer
  • Sabbath Years and Jubilees in Stenring’s Enclosed Garden, by Daphne Chappell
  • Is Aziru really Hazael? By Eric Aitchison and Donald Keith Mills
  • All the Way to Shur, by Barry Curnock
  • Venus, Mars and a Date for the Death of Nebuchadnezzar, by Peter Fairlie-Clarke
  • Phillip Clapham’s Reflections on the News
  • Book Review
    Let My People Go!: author Steven Collins, reviewed by Barry Curnock
  • Bookshelf
    Revisiting Velikovsky: an Audit of an Innovative revisionist Attempt: author J Eric Aitchinson
  • Pushing the Limits: Disaster Archaeology, Archaeodisasters and Humans: author Amanda Laoupi
  • Cataclysms and Renewals: The Astro-Mythology of the Star-Core: author Rupert D Holms
  • Letters
    Peter Fairlie-Clarke; Eric Aitchison; Trevor Palmer; Robert M Porter