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Chalk streams – similar environments

chalk streams usa riversChalk rivers and streams are special environmental areas and with only about 200 chalk rivers left in the world they are very rare.

Why do chalk rivers seem to provide a a perfect environment for plants, animal and life to grow? Is it just the water quality or is it due to the energy of the area?

Why are chalk streams in different areas so similar in look and life?

Chalkstreams are unique in that they flow from water filtered through porous chalk deep underground. This results in mineral-rich water running clear and cold with few suspended solids, giving rise to a distinctive flora and fauna of high biodiversity value.
River Stiffkey

Why are chalk rivers and streams so special and suited for abundant life?

The chalk streams River Test, River Itchen, River Kennet and River Wylye, in the counties of Hampshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire, comprise some of the most prized Trout fly fishing rivers in the world. The English chalkstreams are characterised by naturally filtered alkaline water of exceptional clarity and lush waterweed, creating an environment in which the Trout thrive and grow to large sizes.
The English Chalkstreams

Why can the areas around chalk rivers appear to be very similar, so similar that you would not know if you are fishing in one river either side of the country?

And not just in Britain or England but also in other countries like the USA?

USA Chalk stream

chalk rivers environment streams usa united statesThe Big Spring chalk stream in Pennsylvania has created such a similar environment to some of Englands chalk streams that the site below has a whole page describing how amazingly similar they are.

Big Spring which is one of the largest spring creeks in Pennsylvania is very similar to an English Chalk Stream. In fact, most fly anglers and aquatic biologists would be pressed to discern the differences between the two.

These streams have exactly the same water temperature around 11 degree Celsius and the macrophytes and substrates of the stream look exactly like Big Spring.

There are a few differences between the streams but for the most part they are ecological equivalents.
Big Spring is Like An English Chalk Stream

chalk rivers usa united states streamsCould the life forms be created by some sort of morphic field or electromagnetic energy/frequency that means it creates or transforms the life in the area?

Notice the relative size and the way the banks look on both of these streams. The Limestone Spring Creeks of South-Central Pennsylvania and the English Chalk Streams have the same biogeochemical signatures and “footprints” scientifically.
English Chalk Streams and Pennsylvania Limestone Spring Creeks