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Chalk streams and ancient monuments

chalk streams norfolk warham camp rivers england ukObviously people liked to live near rivers and the chalk streams (chalk rivers) of Norfolk and other areas of England and Britain have some famous houses, estates and ancient monuments beside them.

Could some of them have been built beside these chalk streams due to their unique energy that seems to create such an amazing similar environment no matter where they are located?

Norfolk chalk rivers

chalk rivers stiffkey streams norfolk englandNorfolk in England has a relatively large number of chalk rivers and the Norfolk Rivers Trust has been created to maintain Norfolk’s chalk streams.

The famous pilgrimage site of the Little Walsingham Shrine and Warham Camp and Fiddlers Hill Burial Mound (or Burnt Mound) which are on the chalk River Stiffkey.

The Royal Sandringham Estate is on the chalk River Babingley.

Other areas monuments and chalk streams

Another chalk stream in England that has some of Britain’s most famous ancient megalithic monuments and man made mound structures is The Kennett.

Is Silbury Hill there to encourage the chalk stream?
chalk streams silbury hill river kennett Avebury stone circle

The Kennett, a major tributary of the River Thames in Wiltshire, flows past Wiltshire’s Silbury Hill, a man-made mound as old as the Egyptian pyramids, and on to Avebury’s stone circle.
The threat to chalk streams, our unique contribution to global ecology