ceres craters rocky active asteroid dwarf planet surface

Crater pits on rocky Ceres?

ceres craters rocky active asteroid dwarf planet surfaceIn the first decent close up images of the very large active asteroid or dwarf planet Ceres, there appears to be lots and lots of craters.

The sort of craters that are found on rocky planets, moons, asteroids and comets throughout our solar system.

Are all these craters formed by impacts? Or could there be another process that creates craters on so many physically different space bodies?

And what is a Hot Spot not?

ceres hot spotsThe bright spots that surprised science and astronomy seem to not be hot spots or at least vary compared to each oher. The most famous of the bright spots may be in the bottom of a crater.

But obviously these spots contain some highly reflective material. Bare ice would not be stable at the surface of an airless body like Ceres, so the early suggestions have lent more towards an exposure of salts.

To everyone’s surprise, the VIR instrument saw different behaviours at the various bright spots. One spot location, known simply as “Region 1” appears much cooler than its surroundings. “Region 5”, on the other hand, which is the enigmatic double spot that has garnered most media attention, displays no such temperature difference.
Dwarf Ceres captured in colour