Ceres bright spots Occator crater

Ceres Occator crater bright spots

The Ceres Occator crater bright spots are now seen in more detail, thanks to NASA’s Dawn Mission.

“Dawn has transformed what was so recently a few bright dots into a complex and beautiful, gleaming landscape,” said Marc Rayman, Dawn’s chief engineer and mission director based at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California. “Soon, the scientific analysis will reveal the geological and chemical nature of this mysterious and mesmerizing extraterrestrial scenery.”
Ceres’ Bright Spots Seen in Striking New Detail

The bright spots are found in the Occator crater, which has its own interesting geological features. Are they related to the Ceres bright spots or are both completely separate?

UPDATE 2018: Cerealia Facula in Occator Crater

Cerealia Facula, also known as the brightest spot on Ceres… from altitudes as low as 34 kilometers (21 miles) above the dwarf planet’s surface. Cerealia Facula is about 15 kilometers wide, found in the center of 90 kilometer diameter Occator crater… Dawn will continue to explore Ceres in unprecedented detail, and ultimately retire in its orbit around the small world.
Cerealia Facula | NASA

Cerealia Facula Occator Crater Ceres