Ceres mountain mystery: erosion?

butte electric universe geology eu theory ceres mountainDoes the dwarf planet Ceres mystery mountain show signs of erosion?

Do the sides of the large Ceres butte show rocky mountain erosion features such as scree fields, talus feet or erosion of soil through water?

An oddly shaped mountain that towers 6km above relatively flat surrounding terrain is also puzzling the team, Prof Russell added, because it does not look like the result of known geological processes.
ceres mountain mystery butte massif hill eu theory geology
"We're having difficulty understanding what made that mountain," he told reporters.
Fresh views of Ceres but 'spots' remain mysterious

Are buttes the result of electric geology?

Is the land around them not slowly eroded away but perhaps EDM (Electric Discharge Machine) away rapidly over a few days or weeks?

Or are the mountains pulled up from the ground or deposited there in an instant and not over millions of years?

Ceres mountain erosion: talus feet and scree fields?

These photographs of scree fields and talus feet or talus cones are of planet Earth (not planet Ceres!)