Does Ceres have a big butte?

ceres mountain butte geology formationDoes Ceres have a big butte?

Ceres has a very geology puzzling and very large mountain.

Or is it a butte? Or is it a similar form of table top mountain or massif?

Or is the mystery mountain on the dwarf planet Ceres the result of erosion?

butte electric universe geology eu theory ceres mountainA butte similar to those seen on planet Earth?

If this Ceres mountain is a butte then how could it be formed?

Are similar geological features formed through the same mechanic that transforms very different materials on very different planetary bodies?

Is this evidence of Electric Geology?

How do they not effect each other?

How does the Ceres mountain geology not effect the crater?

butte electric universe geology eu theory ceresIf the crater came after the formation of the Ceres butte how come it does not seem to effect or disfigure the Ceres mountain formation?

Buttes with 'stripes' on Earth