Worlds in Collision

The celestial harmony

worlds in collision immanuel velikovsky migrating planets evidence

Immanuel Velikovsky, in his Worlds in Collision book, asks questions: If everything in our solar system has always been like Netwonian clockwork, so harmonious? Was our solar system always basically the same? Why are the planets and moons physical properties so different? The celestial harmony is composed of bodies different in size, different in form, …

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Worlds in Collision

Worlds in Collision Immanuel Velikovsky

Worlds in Collision by Immanuel Velikovsky is an essential book to read for those interested in chronology revision, world catastrophism, alternative mythology interpretation, comparative mythology and especially the Electric Universe theory (EU theory). How have the Worlds in Collision general theories and Velikovsky’s specific ideas held up since then? Especially against the massive increases in …

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Worlds not in Collision

immanuel velikovsky worlds in collision book debunked review

Immanuel Velikovsky and especially his theories in his books Worlds in Collision and Earth in Upheaval have been debunked, ridiculed and dismissed as pseudoscience by most of the scientific world and the public. This is not surprising due to their content. But surely Immanuel Velikovsky was and is defended by his followers, those interested in …

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Planetary formation in an Electric Universe

planet formation planetary moons asteroids comets electric universe theory

How are planets, moons, asteroids and active asteroids (comets) formed in Electric Universe theories? Thunderbolts EU and plasma based cosmologies have very different models and chronology to the Nebular hypothesis. Objects perhaps rapidly accreted, pinched or expelled/discharged and other variations of our solar system’s formation. Perhaps in plasma stars, ionized gas giants, in the dusty …

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