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Venus atmospheric layers

venus atmosphere layers

Planet Venus, Earth’s so called evil twin, is now famous as the origin of greenhouse gases theory and global warming theory. A recent missions data has been interpreted as certain layers in its polar atmosphere having surprisingly colder regions than expected. What these results reveal is that parts of Venus are much, much colder than …

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Geomagnetic jerks

Geomagnetic jerk

Geomagnetic jerks seem to produce changes to physical properties of planet Earth. Changing geomagnetic properties and other measured things such as the rotational spin rate of our planet. A large geomagnetic jerk not only changes Earth’s magnetic field it also changes the length of the Earth’s day. Periodic wobbles in Earth’s core change the length …

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Planet Siding Spring

Comet Siding Spring

Planet Siding Spring – a plasma scalability of comet Siding Spring and evidence for planetary catastrophes in an Electric solar system and Universe? Thanks to Gary Gilligan (of God King Scenario fame) who gave the SIS article link below. Gilligan also provided the God King Planet Siding Spring text at the bottom in an email …

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Origin of Earth’s sand

Immanuel Velikovsky Worlds in Collision Electric Universe geology

Planet Earth has vast amounts of sand in total and concentrated in places. How did it get there? Where or what did it come from to be transformed into pure quartz sand? From lakes and grasslands with hippos and giraffes to a vast desert, North Africa’s sudden geographical transformation 5,000 years ago was one of …

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