Electrocatalytic water splitting

Electrochemistry experiment observed at nanoscale to show splitting of water’s hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Transformations or transmutations? It is a well-known school experiment: When a voltage is applied between two electrodes inserted in water, molecular hydrogen and oxygen are produced. We were able to show that during water splitting at nanometer rough spots i.e. a …

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leaving the only possibility.

Saturn Earth water isotope Phoebe

Leaving the possibility… that planetary configurations predicting a close Saturnian system with planet Earth have to be considered. Similar water evidence? The carbon dioxide presence places limits on how much of Phoebe could have evaporated to space after formation, leaving the only possibility that Phoebe formed in the very cold outer reaches of the Solar …

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Not fossil water

not fossil water

Contamination or not fossil water? It had been assumed that “fossil” reserves found hundreds of metres underground would be largely untouched by modern water sources … The new study reveals that about half of the deep groundwater has had contact with rains and snows that fell in the past 60 years. Scientists will use the …

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Turning water into calcium not wine

turning water into wine calcium biological transmutations eu theory electrical

Why and how can chalk and limestone layers be so thick and so pure with very little debris, apart from mostly not crushed creatures, for rock made of sediment? Can water be changed into calcium or other similar material by near instant natural events in an Electric Universe? Enough material of supposedly dead life to …

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Comet 67P – Electric Universe water evidence

comet water electrons 67p electric universe theory

The formation process of water vapour around comet 67P is suggested by the Electric Universe theory (EU theory) to involve the electrically charged and discharging nature of comet 67P. The ESA Rosetta mission has suggested that electron activity near the comets surface is surprisingly involved in the process. Rosetta’s continued close study of Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko …

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