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Evolution or rapid electromagnetic Quantevolution?

Rapid electromagnetic evolution quantavolution Alfred de Grazia

Conclusions from the research paper ‘The origin of endothermy in synapsids and archosaurs and arms races in the Triassic’ suggest relatively very rapid evolution for creatures living, breeding and dying in planet Earth’s dielectric environments:
# Birds and mammals likely acquired endothermy (warm-bloodedness) at the same time.
# Life remodelled itself most significantly in the aftermath of the devastating end-Permian mass extinction.
# The switchover happened in parallel with a shift in posture from sprawling to parasagittal in both major lineages.

Ultra rapid or near instant evolution through changes in worldwide and local electromagnetic energies?

Shoehominim theories

shoehorning theories theory

Shoehorning the interpretations of data to fit and create acceptable conclusions and theories? The discovery of a butchered rhino has led scientists to conclude early humans were in the Philippines as far back as 700,000 years ago… The excavation proves early humans colonised the Philippines hundreds of thousands of years earlier than previously believed, though …

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Flytraps are Venus’s?

carolina bays venus fly traps electromagnetic evolution electric universe theory

Venus’ flytraps (Dionaea muscipula) are found as native plants in the amazing and mysteries Carolina Bays and their surrounding area in the USA. Did the Venus’s flytraps nearly instantly ‘evolve’ due to the events that were the origin of the Carolina Bays? Specific life forms created by specific areas energy and Electric Universe events but …

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