Wal Thornhill

Electric star types

Electric sun star types

What are the electric stars types? What does the physical nature of an electric sun mean? The quotes below are from Wal Thornhill’s The Star ‘Proto-Saturn’ video presentation at a Thunderbolts Project EU Workshop. These notes start around 7:40 minutes in the video below. This is a good introduction to the subject and gives further …

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Electric Universe theory debunked? List of articles, science evidence etc.

electric universe theory debunked EU arguments evidence against

Is the Electric Universe theory debunked … EU pseudoscience poppycock? List and links to ALL the EU is wrong articles, websites, discussions of scientific evidence. Includes Tim Thompson and those missing solar neutrinos, Michael Shermer, Brian Koberlein, Carl Sagan, SAFIRE Project, Bill Gaede, Anthony L Peratt and many others.

Akashic Records in an Electric Universe

akashic records explained evidence electric universe theory

The basic idea of the ‘Akashic Records (blog posts and forum discussion) is the storage and access of all information that has happened to, about or actions with results by humans, zombie insects and animals with their microbe overlords, life and the Universe. Some suggest that it is encoded in all life forms. The information …

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