Local extinctions by asphyxiation?

Local extinctions by asphyxiation

Did the death erection of some extinct animals, such as Mammoths, suggest they were killed by local and instant catastrophic mass mortality events, that also sometimes triggered autoerotic asphyxiation? In his article about the Indelicate Details of Alaskan Muck – that is pure Tim Cullen at his best – he explores the Sexual Habits of the Adelie Penguin’s, autoerotic asphyxiation, Beresovka Mammoth, postmortem Priapism, limnic eruptions (Lake Nyos CO2 example), close encounters with comets, gas asphyxiation and gas poisoning, Livor Mortis, and more.

A pair of electric arc volcanoes

electric circuit volcano

Electochemical volcanoes connected by electric arc volcano circuitry in Bali? Surprisingly, we noticed that both the earthquake activity and the ground deformation signal were located five kilometres away from the summit, which means that magma must be moving sideways as well as vertically upwards. ‘Our study provides the first geophysical evidence that Agung and Batur …

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Erupting the magma chamber paradigm

electricity volcano magma chambers lightning

The end of localised magma chambers being the only natural power source for volcano eruptions? Natural electrochemistry processes. The formation, storage and chemical differentiation of magma in the Earth’s crust is of fundamental importance in igneous geology and volcanology. Recent data are challenging the high-melt-fraction ‘magma chamber’ paradigm that has underpinned models of crustal magmatism …

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Volcanic plumes lightning

Volcanic Lightning

Volcanic lightning from or to volcanic plumes and dirty thunderstorms is always impressive. In the National Geographic 2017 photography competition these electrical discharges even won the categories of Nature and Grand Moff Winner. Where does the massive amounts of electromagnetic energy come from? And all the chemical elements? In a circuit to all those plasma …

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