Tour day 5: Red Rock Canyon

Electric Universe geology tour Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon again provided another vista of different rocks, structures and strata on day 5 of the EU geology tour. The amazing variety in one place was similar to the previous days visit of Snow Canyon. How and why are there such pristine and very separate looking formations but so close together or on …

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The Narrows – Zion Canyon

Zion Narrows Zion Canyon

The Narrows in Zion Canyon are a 16 mile section with some very deep parts of the gorge up to 2000 feet (600 meters) but with a width from red Navajo Sandstone cliff face to cliff face that can be as small as 20 feet (6 meters). Some parts of it are a true slot …

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Zion Canyon

zion canyon geology mystery

Zion Canyon Utah USA is a very deep but narrow canyon in red Navajo Sandstone rock, with big wall climbs of over 2,000 feet (600 meters). The distance between the cliff faces averages only 1000 feet (300 meters) at ground level. One of the deepest parts of the Zion gorge is known as the Temple …

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Red Mountain cinder cone, USA

The Red Mountain cinder cone near Flagstaff USA is a geology puzzle and has geological features including: U shaped cinder cone creating a natural amphitheatre but created after the cone was formed The cinder cone is not a normal symmetrical shape Cinder strata radiates downwards away from a central high point in the U shape …

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Specimen Mountain and pitchstone

pitchstone 7 specimen mountain never summer range volcanic glass

Pitchstone, a special and rarer type of volcanic glass that is high in water content, is found on the Isle of Arran, Scotland and also on the slopes of Specimen Mountain in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Specimen Mountain, in the fantastically named Never Summer Range, and the Scottish Isle of Arran also have numerous …

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