Plasma z-pinch

plasma z-pinch pinches electricity magnetic diagram birkeland filaments currents

A plasma z-pinch, also known as zeta pinch (comes from or related to Bennett pinch, theta-pinch) is a very important plasma/electromagnetic mechanism for the Electric Universe theory. Also for Plasma Cosmology and standard science. The basic z pinch idea seems to be magnetic fields generated to or in plasma by electricity, these electromagnetic effects tighten, …

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Elements in an Electric Universe

electromagnetic electrical electric star sun elements

How are chemical elements formed in an Electric Universe? Standard science suggests that the lighter chemical elements of Helium and Hydrogen were created in the initial Big Bang and that these make up most of the matter in the universe. Basically the rest of elements were created later by the rest of the Big Bang, …

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What are Birkeland currents? Information, diagrams, links etc.

Kristian Birkeland

What are Birkeland plasma helical filaments, his field aligned electric sheets of currents, how are they formed and what scalable structures do they help create and power in this electromagnetic universe? As dusty plasmas move through electromagnetic fields this creates forces that define the evolving shapes. Willard Harrison Bennett pinches, plasma double layers, Birkeland sheets and spiralling filaments appear to not only connect and shape galactic formations, they also provide natural electrical energy through potential differences of plasmas and electrochemical elements.

Transmutations – silicon on Mars

transmutation iron silicon electromagnetic plasma mars

Transmutations of silicon into iron/hematite forms on the planet Mars by electromagnetic/plasma events in an Electric Universe? The presence of iron oxide in several different forms indicates that something not taking place on any large scale today did take place at some time in the past. Most Mars research groups speculate that there was once …

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Plasma double layers

double layers dl dls plasma

Plasma double layers – also known as a Langmuir plasma sheath, Langmuir sheath, plasma sheath – information, descriptions etc. Also includes Debye sheaths. More will be added as found. You can read more about Irving Langmuir, Hannes Alfvén and Kristian Birkeland. Double layers (plasma sheaths) A plasma formation by which a plasma protects itself from …

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