Electrocatalytic water splitting

Electrochemistry experiment observed at nanoscale to show splitting of water’s hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Transformations or transmutations? It is a well-known school experiment: When a voltage is applied between two electrodes inserted in water, molecular hydrogen and oxygen are produced. We were able to show that during water splitting at nanometer rough spots i.e. a …

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Diamond trees

Pandanus candelabrum diamond tree

A plant that has similar roots to a mango tree, has been suggested as growing only on kimberlite pipes. Does the Pandanus candelabrum plant show where diamonds may be found in Africa? Is this natural electroculture, natures electric fertilizer? a thorny plant with stilt-like aerial roots seems to be an indicator species for diamond-bearing kimberlite …

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Shock rock geology

Chicxulub Crater shock rock transmutation material

A unique type of granite has been found during the offshore drilling operation of the peak ring around the Chicxulub Crater. Material or rock transformed by shock into unique granite by the event that created the Chicxulub Crater. Evidence that material can be transmuted, where it is found, by a energy discharge event or strong …

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Biological transmutations – silica and grazing animals

biological biology transmutations silica silicon herds animals

The Biological Transmutations book by Louis Kervran suggest that the natural element silicon in silica might be naturally transmuted (changed) by animals into something else – Kervran’s first example is chickens converting it into calcium for their eggs and chick skeletons. Do other animals, other life forms naturally carry out biologically transmutations of various forms/compounds …

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Marklund convection

marklund convection elements sorting layers filters

Marklund convection is an important process in Plasma Cosmology and for the Electric Universe theory (EU theory). Marklund convections create interesting results for plasma like Birkeland filaments (Birkeland currents). Are Marklund convections an essential part of planetary formations in our solar system for both rocky and gas giants? Does it also effect the structure of …

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