Trackways footprints

Isle of Stegosaurus

stegosaurus scotland dinsosaurs tracks preserved

Do you think it stegosaurus? Why do a number of the different dinosaur’s trackways preserved around the world, show walking or running in the same direction? Perhaps including Scotland’s Isle of Skye. The newly discovered tracks form a single line, a few metres long, with a right-left pattern and two different-sized prints – as would …

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Dinosaur trackways preservation of footprints

dinosaur trackways footprints

With many dinosaur and human footprint preservation/fossilisation, there are multiple tracks and usually leading or running away from something. Has there been a catastrophic event with terrified animals moving away along the trackways? Dozens of well-preserved dinosaur footprints from at least 100 million years ago have been uncovered in East Sussex. They range in size …

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Dinosaur tracks preserved instantly?

fossilised dinosaur tracks

Were dinosaur tracks and other ancient animal footprints preserved nearly instantly during catastrophic events? The fact that dinosaur tracks have been fossilized in mud, volcanic ash and limestone would suggest that something has transformed the soft material into a harder material and fairly quickly. The prime example is in China where over 3000 footprints of …

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England’s 800,000 years old footprints

Happisburgh footprints

Happisburgh in Norfolk, England has some of the strangest and oldest group of footprints ever found. The British Museum’s Project Happisburgh has certainly in theory found the oldest preserved trackways in Britain and also out of Africa, nearly one million years old. The footprints are more than 800,000 years old and were found on the …

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Instant footilization

humanoid human footprints fossilised

Ancient preserved footprints or instant fozzilisation of footprints? How can ancient human footprints have been fossilized in mud? How can pre history hominin or humanoid footprints have been fossilised in material and still survive to this day? Even though the total population of pre history humans would not be comparable to modern numbers it is …

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