Polar hot spots are caused by Birkeland currents

The now accepted theory of sun-Earth Birkeland currents, what astro-physicists call magnetic ropes or flux ropes,[1] provides a mechanism to explain polar hot spots on planets throughout the solar system. CHANDRA x-ray data of Jupiter from 2000,[2] the Cassini image of Titan in infrared from 2009,[3] and Keck Observatory’s temperature data from Saturn in 2004,[4] …

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Geology apology

weather systems similar on different planets moons brown dwarfs stars sun

We are owed a geology apology from the peer review oligarchy. Jupiters moon Titan was meant to be very different from the planet of Earth. “Titan is a very active moon,” said Sebastien Rodriguez, an astronomer at the Universit√© Paris Diderot, France, and the paper’s lead author. “We already know that about its geology and …

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The natural state for moons

tidal locked moons planets earth moon rotation

Why is it the natural state for moons to be tidally locked with their parent planet? With only a few exceptions planets moons always have the same side facing the planet. The craziest exception is the Pluto system with planets/moons in orbital resonance but also with the moons having rotational chaos, apart from Pluto/Charon which …

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Pluto dunes or Pluto ridges?

pluto titan dunes ridges

Pluto dunes or Pluto ridges are the latest geology Pluto puzzle. ‘Dunes’ are being found in surprising places on bodies in our solar system, especially on those that are supposedly made of ice or other materials that are not sand or rock. Pluto’s dunes or Pluto’s ridges at first glance look vaguely similar to Titans …

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Planetary geomorphology

planetary geomorphology theory titan earth

Planetary geomorphology is the study of planets and space bodies and their surface features, then comparing and interpreting them to give a theory of what happened to form the object and features. Planetary geomorphology mainly relies on our view of the Newtonian clockwork solar system, the Big Bang theory and planet formation theory. Even on …

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