thunderbolts of the gods

The Thunderbolts of the Gods kebab

Saturn Polar configurations Shishkebabs

Saturn Polar shish kebabs? What are Saturnian planetary alignments such Talbott/Thunderbolts Saturn Polar Configuration or others proposed in the past? How do you physically get a BBQ style shish kebab of planets and keep the stack that way for 100’s or 1000’s of years?

How can orbits rapidly change whilst maintaining a shared common envolope of plamsaspheres and some of Earth’s environment to keep a few ancient humans safe to tell the tales? Welcome to Saturnian ShishkeBobs, my friend.

Ancient Electric Universe mythology or just coincidence?

vajra marduk jupiter zeus thunderbolt

These are radio images of Jupiter’s magnetosphere due to synchrotron radiation, as seen through its radio wave emissions. Ancient mythology has similar imagery that involves the god Marduk (planet Jupiter), the Zeus thunderbolt and thunderbolts of the gods, Vajra (thunderbolt, diamond, weapon) etc. What is really interesting about the Vajra version of the thunderbolt is …

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