A nebula planet being born?

birth formation new planet Venus Jupiter Saturn

In theory a new planet being born from a dusty plasma disk around a star. The usual peer reviewed proclamation of interpretation of minimal data as fact and proof. Even when observed nature goes against astronomy theories and mathematical models. This image from the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope is the first clear image …

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Ryugu asteroid or comet?

Ryugu asteroids or comets?

Another spacecraft will land on an asteroid or comet surface and this time hopefully bring back sub surface material from explosive mining. Are they mostly just different classes of the same object based on their rock compositions and orbits? Will asteroids and comets have similar surface material? Is asteroid Ryugu the same as any comet …

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Nanodiamonds Dipoles

Nanodiamonds dipoles electric universe

Nanodiamond dipoles in space dusty plasmas, near plasmoid stars, with these diamond nanodipoles emitting electric dipole radiation? In astronomy, nanodiamonds are special because their structure produces what is known as a ‘dipole moment’ — an arrangement of atoms that allows them to emit electromagnetic radiation when they spin. Because these particles are so small they …

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Electric sunrise Terminators

birkeland currents filaments plasma

Electric sunrise jets and Electric Terminators on comet 67p, comets, asteroids and planets. The atmosphere of Rosetta’s comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is far from homogeneous. In addition to sudden outbursts of gas and dust, daily recurring phenomena at sunrise can be observed. In these, evaporating gas and entrained dust are concentrated to form jet-like structures. Rosetta unravels …

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Water asteroids, what are asteroids?

asteroids 2004 EW95 water Vesta

Another Kuiper Belt asteroid discovered with, in theory, only what can be water transformed physical features, to go along with the mighty Vesta. Asteroid 2004 EW95 is a very unusual carbon KBO but scientific analysis has suggested clay on its surface as well as other watery minerals. Water on asteroids, what are asteroids? Most objects …

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