Half baked history

hunter gatherers

Not just hunter gatherers? Is standard chronology, the accepted time line of our history, now a half baked theory? Scientists have discovered the earliest known evidence of bread-making, from a 14,000-year-old dig site. The find, from the Black Desert in Jordan, pushes back the first evidence for bread by more than 5,000 years. Until now, …

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Earth’s space weather: sudden stratospheric warming

sudden stratospheric warming near Earth space weather

Plasma space weather and near Earth weather involving electrons, coupling of atmospheric layers and flowing plasma currents. Sudden stratospheric warming is one of those phrases and events that immediately announce Electric Universe weather. What other theory would be able to explain massive changes and flows of energy, with atmospheric layers coupled together in electromagnetic plasma …

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Glorious dayelectric

Dielectric plasma

What a glorious electric day in East Anglia, a wonderful Norfolk dielectric to be alive. After days, weeks of blue sky with its charging sunshine and really warm days there appeared electric cloud formations linking upwards and downwards, everything. Streak cloud structure variations with like those found in the middle of holepunch clouds. And flying …

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Petroglyphs in Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef National Park petroglyphs

Petroglyphs or plasmaglyphs carved into rock surfaces in Capitol Reef National Park, Utah, USA. Petroglyphs found in Capitol Reef National Park, in southern Utah, not far from the visitor center complex. These petroglyphs were created by the Fremont and Ancestral Puebloan people, roughly 3,000 years ago. Human figures (anthropomorphs), deer or game animals, circles and …

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Stromatolites as a lifeform have been on Earth over 3 billion years? How does the faint young Sun hypothesis cast doubt on this dating and standard chronology? They may look like round rocks, but they’re alive. Moreover, they are modern versions of one of the oldest known forms of life: stromatolites. Fossils indicate that stromatolites …

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