Telluric currents

Electrocatalytic water splitting

Electrochemistry experiment observed at nanoscale to show splitting of water’s hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Transformations or transmutations? It is a well-known school experiment: When a voltage is applied between two electrodes inserted in water, molecular hydrogen and oxygen are produced. We were able to show that during water splitting at nanometer rough spots i.e. a …

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Telluric currents in Earth’s core?

telluric currents

Have the effects of telluric currents deep underground in the Earths core been observed? Interpretation of the data from ESA’s Swarm satellites have concluded that an iron jet stream flows through the the region geologists term as our molten metal core, that the natural wire perhaps goes half way around our globe. show intense field …

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Human activity triggering electric earthquakes?

fault lines earthquakes tremors shocks

Are earthquakes triggered by the possible electric nature of earthquakes and especially electrical ‘fault lines’? Does the fault line actually create and trigger the earthquake, not the earthquake producing fault lines? The earth has small and large electrical energy flowing through it from Telluric Currents to other nature systems such as the weather, the sea …

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Electroculture in an Electric Universe

electroculture cosmo telluric agriculture

Electroculture is an interesting branch of an Electric Universe – using natural (Telluric currents, Earths Global Electric Weather Circuit etc) and artificial electromagnetic energy to influence the growth of plants. The different electromagnetic techniques include electrical currents (direct and alternating), magnetism, monochrome light, static electricity, sound and radio frequencies. Electroculture, Magnetoculture Electroculture has a few …

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