The Murky past of East Anglia

history of East Anglia Norfolk Suffolk

The pre William and his Norman Conquerors (1066 AD) history of England is surprisingly murky, especially considering the riches of ancient earthworks and civilisations with advanced technical skills. Trying to look into the past of Norfolk and Suffolk is somehow even murkier – like its coastal rivers, estuaries and famous reed marshlands of the Broads. …

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The Ancient St Clement’s Cross of bloomin’ Old Gorleston

St Clements Cross

Gorleston is an ancient village. Parts of Gorleston-On-Sea are so antiquated they even had an impressively large Augustinian priory but now there is virtually no physical evidence of its existence left above the surface.

Another missing Medieval antiquity was the centuries old St Clement’s stone Cross, appropriately the tanner’s and fisherman’s Patron Saint. The Crucem Clementij monument was mentioned in a 1597 Latin manuscript, when Elizabeth I was Queen of England and the House of Tudor’s rule would soon be coming to an end.

Gorleston-On-Stone Circle?

Gorleston stone circles druids East Anglia

Did the once historically very important Gorleston-On-Sea in Norfolk/Suffolk have an unusual for East Anglia stone circle and megalithic Dolmen? Before their supposed destruction in 1786 could you have called it Gorlestonhenge?

Or was it all the imagination and forgery for profit by the local prankster W E Randall who died in 1855? Randall appeared to be a writer because it has been suggested that in 1831 he was editing the Gorleston and Southtown Magazine.

Fossil islands and Sutton Knoll England

Sutton Knoll Pliocene seas fossil island

Sutton Knoll in Suffolk England is a famous and very rare fossil island of Pliocene Coralline Crag in a Red Crag sea on London Clay. Rockhall Wood is its location and you can find marine shells including mussels, phosphatic nodules (coprolites), quartz stones, pipes, sand waves and pebble layers. The Pliocene geology of what was …

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The tide is high but I’m holding on

moon earth sun alignment perihelion perilune

Would the alignment of the Sun, Earth, Supermoon and their relative orbital distances around the winter solstice combine to create electromagnetic high tides and low tides? In Norfolk, England there were relatively exceptionally high and low tides. Both planet Earth and the Moon moving quickest through Sun’s electric charged plasma? Some of the shortest distances …

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