Gorleston-On-Stone Circle?

Gorleston stone circles druids East Anglia

Did the once historically very important Gorleston-On-Sea in Norfolk/Suffolk have an unusual for East Anglia stone circle and megalithic Dolmen? Before their supposed destruction in 1786 could you have called it Gorlestonhenge?

Or was it all the imagination and forgery for profit by the local prankster W E Randall who died in 1855? Randall appeared to be a writer because it has been suggested that in 1831 he was editing the Gorleston and Southtown Magazine.

He holds the conch horn

acoustic archaeology Stonehenge

Archaeoacoustics interprets how structures were used and modified by our ancestors to create sound effects. Were red ochre spirals, dots and symbols used to highlight certain acoustic properties in caves, valleys and megalithic buildings such as Malta’s Hypogeum, Britain’s Stonehenge? Stonehenge archaeoacoustics The now old Archaeoacoustics monolith (book review) investigates paleoacoustics around the world and …

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Ancient Electroculture structures

Ancient Electroculture structures buildings statues

Were some ancient structures (stone, rock, soil etc) and buildings used as ancient electroculture/magnetoculture structures? Did previous civilizations use knowledge of natural electromagnetic effects to change their food, seeds and animals? Ancient Electroculture buildings and structures? Were ancient megalith buildings and structures found all around the world used for ancient electroculture practices such as magneto …

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