space weather

Make the [feathered] dinosaurs blush

Sun Earth climate connection plasma

Wonderful bureaucracy. Stuart Agnew Norfolk farmer, politician, Member of the European Parliament and [political] EU law rapporteur helped propose an official paper that suggests… Rather than human activity, the Agnew report attributes climate change to cosmic ray fluctuations and gravitational pulls from elsewhere in the galaxy, sunspot activity, ocean currents and greenhouse gas water vapour, …

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Earth’s space weather: sudden stratospheric warming

sudden stratospheric warming near Earth space weather

Plasma space weather and near Earth weather involving electrons, coupling of atmospheric layers and flowing plasma currents. Sudden stratospheric warming is one of those phrases and events that immediately announce Electric Universe weather. What other theory would be able to explain massive changes and flows of energy, with atmospheric layers coupled together in electromagnetic plasma …

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Glorious dayelectric

Dielectric plasma

What a glorious electric day in East Anglia, a wonderful Norfolk dielectric to be alive. After days, weeks of blue sky with its charging sunshine and really warm days there appeared electric cloud formations linking upwards and downwards, everything. Streak cloud structure variations with like those found in the middle of holepunch clouds. And flying …

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