Space plasma

Solar filaments

solar magnetic filament

The suns electromagnetic environment creates solar filaments, the most recent sun filament is over 500,000 miles in length or over 60 planet Earths in a line. The solar material (plasma – electrically charged gas) is colder than the surrounding corona material. The ending of the solar filament phenomena can trigger a huge magnetic event. Filaments …

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Electric cometary globules

cometary globules CG4 ionised plasma electric universe

Cometary globules are structures of interstellar gas and dust in space that appear to look like comets, with flowing tails away from another object. Energetic ultraviolet light from nearby hot stars has molded the globules and ionized their bright rims. The globules also stream away from the Vela supernova remnant which may have influenced their …

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The Sun’s plasma storms

suns plasma storms solar

The Sun’s plasma storms or Coronal Mass Ejections (CME’s) are spectacular events. The Sun, according to science, consists of hot plasma interwoven with magnetic fields and is powered by a thermonuclear fusion. For some unknown reason the Sun suddenly produces these amazing solar plasma storms, producing and accelerating away, at one million miles per hour, …

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