Space plasma

Taking the Electric Wind out of EU sails

electric wind Venus universe plasma cosmology

Are scientists now scrabbling to adopt Electric Universe and Plasma Cosmology ideas into their explanations of natural electromagnetic phenomena they are observing everywhere? Julian West pointed out that not only in a recent report where mainstream science used the words ‘Electric Wind’ but generally more and more space news articles are using typical EU theory …

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Suns plasmafall

coronal rain sun plasma

Sometimes you forget just how visually amazing the universe is. Especially a electric/plasma universe when it can provide a breathtaking plasmafall on our sun. An phantplasmagorical event called coronal rain (plasma rain) was captured on the sun. It is an awe-inspiring plasma display for an unforgettable 4 minutes x multiple replays to also observe how …

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Space Tethers

space tether experiment design electromagnetic electrons ionosphere EU theory plasma cosmology

Space tethers are an intriguing propulsion or source of ‘free energy’ to power satellites, space stations, spacecraft or even perhaps spaceships. It seems that different space electrical tether systems use a combination of gravity forces, electromagnetic forces, electrons, ionosphere and their potential differences around planet Earth. One of the first space tether experiments (Tethered Satellite …

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Plasma – What? Where?

plasma what is it space gas cosmology

What is plasma? Where is plasma? How does plasma do what it does? What is space plasma? Below are some quote and information on plasma, that is so important to the Electric Universe theory (EU theory) and obviously plasma cosmology and plasma mythology. More links and explanations of what is so important about plasma will …

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Green goblins

green goblins plasma gas filaments

Electric plasma power lines or 30,000 light years length of gas powered by some theoretically impossible event 1000’s of years ago as the only possible explanation?